UI changes and loot changes!

The new update (1.96.20x) brings you many new features and changes.

  • added some more informational texts for new players that will help learn the game (e.g. “use the torch in your first hotslot to make light”).
  • Buff Info now has an “OK” button so that you won’t cancel it by accident.
  • Added day and night cycle to the overworld.
  • Added Defense Potion.
  • Adjusted the Grimoire: you will now learn the spell even if you can’t cast it yet.
  • New: The bestiary keeps track of your kills. Access it from your character screen, Icon in the upper right. Bonus: the more creatures of a certain type you kill, the better your chance of landing a critical hit in the future.
  • Changed the loot mechanism. You can now buy silver keys. Silver chests may contain a gold key (also dropped by creatures). On every 5 levels of a dungeon there is a golden chest which requires a gold key. Gold chest loot is better than silver chest loot. You may find a platinum key in a gold chest. Platinum keys open Platinum Chests that can be found on every 5 levels of a HARD MODE dungeon. Platinum Chests contain unique magic items.
  • Combining items now takes time.
  • Added Elite enemies (to HARD MODE dungeons).
  • Added background pictures to the level loading screen.
  • Changed the UI (colors and fonts) so that it won’t hurt your eyes any longer 😉
  • Added AE damage to “Shatter”.
  • A Scythe is now required to summon a reaper pet.
  • You can now load/save during Work (Mining).
  • New Mining progression screen.
  • Saving is now enabled in the royal mines.
  • Saving is now disabled in hard mode dungeons.
  • You can now cast spells from out of your character screen.
  • Skill reset now costs gold.
  • Many other fixes to known errors.

Changes! Updates! Additions!

The last weeks were full of excitement, because my new friends ChatGPT and Github Copilot have helped me develop several different new ideas and additions to the game. While working on Part 2 of the game (which will be available via a regular update, no additional cost) I have done this:

  • Enhanced Zombie-Mode
    • Your character is much more intelligent now. He will use spells and items that are in your hotslots and will try to loot everything that’s in the actual level.
    • The Zombie-Mode is even available as a new spell (Power Rune III of course).
    • Your character will equip the best armour and weapon available – this depends on an internal ranking that takes the stat modifiers into account.
  • More informative texts at the beginning to get you started as smooth as possible
  • New Summon Minion Spells (you can now summon a reaper or a pack tortoise)
  • New Spell to automatically guide you to the next trap
  • Combine Poison and a weapon to give it a damage over time effect
  • Combine Vampire Essence and a weapon to give it a lifeleech effect
  • Sort your inventory by holding the inventory icon in your character screen
  • Many bugfixes and small enhancements

As always: enjoy the game! Use our forums or our discord channel to give me your feedback.

Lootbox RPG is coming to STEAM

On February 28th 2022, Lootbox RPG will be released for both Windows and MacOS on Steam. The desktop game is pretty much the same as the mobile version, with some hotkeys added for quicker navigation and adjustments to the dungeon display. Steam cloud is not yet enabled and there aren’t any achievements yet. But you can expect many hours of finest dungeon grind… err crawling. What else did you expect?

Enjoy! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1901730/Lootbox_RPG/

This game is fine for quarantine

Need to stay at home? Rejoice! Lootbox will be on discount for the next days – forget boring tv shows and lame movies, grab your sword and go on adventuring!

Lootbox RPG featured on gameskeys

Thanks to writer Kevin White, Lootbox RPG is featured in the list of Top Undiscovered Games for $6 or less! Phantastic 🙂

You can read the article and find out what other great hidden gems are there by looking here: https://gameskeys.net/top-undiscovered-games-for-6-or-less/

Happy birthday Lootbox!

And here’s the present: get the game for free now! 🙂

Want to support Lootbox RPG?

Here’s your chance! Please head over to Wikipedia and create a new article for Lootbox RPG. I don’t want to do it because that would be self-advertising which is not allowed. A link to my other game Silversword would be awesome as well. As a reward, I could probably insert your name into the game in one of the next updates, how about that?

Thank you very much for your support my friends!

Discord? Discord!

Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/apezmJ5

Update Notes 1.95.231

  • removed old cheese
  • removed regular Ratebox Popup
  • fixed some errors in the main Quest
  • Hotslots now update after assigning something to it
  • added restrictions when finding runeboards so that you shouldn’t get duplicate runeboards
  • show message if a shop has no items for sale
  • fixed a bug with item stacks duplicating
  • added some more long description texts
  • fix for goblins in the throne room always dropping green items
  • fix for hard mode not working after reloading
  • Zombie potion and Dungeon Crawler Scroll no longer work in certain dungeons
  • more fixes…

Your black friday is too late!

Yes, I know. Lootbox RPG will be FREE from Tuesday to Friday. Enjoy!

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