Magic Guide Game ver 1.94 [SPOILERS]

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Magic Guide Game ver 1.94 [SPOILERS]

Post by ratilican » Wed Sep 18, 2019 10:28 pm

This spoils some of the game according to some folks so read at own risk.

General Tips:

If you want to use a spell, cast it a lot, for every 100 time you cast a spell its cost reduce by 1. My firebolt 2 spell has been casted 900 times so its cost is reduced by 9 mana. For self target spells you can technically farm them, just spam the spell until out of mana, rest, create food, repeat, profit.

I am unsure if any skill scales the damage or effectiveness of spells.

Putting points into High magic, or Petty magic isn't that great. Putting points in just lowers the costs of spells. Every 2 points you have in the associated skills reduce the mana cost by 1. Thanks to the previous tip about farming its best to just put 1 point in to unlock the spells and call it a day

You can have different set of runes in each rune board. This gives you access to alot of spells.

Rune List:
Neo Rune: power 1 rune uses in petty magic spells, its a purple box.
Vad Rune: power 2 rune used in High Magic spell, its a green box
Zor Rune: Destruction rune its in alot of offensive spells, it a grey circle with a purple mark
Mor Rune: Enhance rune its in your buff spells, its a dark grey circle with a purple quake symbol on it.
Rai Rune: Human body rune is used in spells for you. Its a bone with a red mark on it.
Krom Rune: Elemental Earth rune, its a rock with white lines on it
Fyr Rune: Elmental Fire rune, Flaming bracers
Aes Rune: Elemntal Time rune, Green rock white v on it
Flu Rune: Elmental Water rune, blue rock, dark blue I on it.
???? Rune: Blue orb haven't found this one yet

Spell List:
Create Food 1: Neo, Rai, Flu runes.
Create Food 2: Vad, Rai, Flu runes.
Once you get one of these spells you will never need food again if your base stats are high enough. You just rest up cast this and your at full food.

Firebolt 1: Neo, Zor, Fyr runes.
Firebolt 2: Vad, Zor, Fyr runes.
Best magic spell ever. as soon as i got this spell I respecd mage and never looked back. magic dmg in this game seems to ignore any sort of defense or DR, its the same reason goblin mages hit you so hard

Ogre Strength: Neo, Mor, Rai Runes
Giant Strength: Vad, Mor, Rai Runes
If you want to melee things then these are amazing buffs, just farm some to get there cost down and your set

Light Heal: Neo, Rai, Fyr Runes
Mend Woods: Vad, Rai, Fyr Runes
I find these Direct heals to be a little Weak since there is no scaling.

Troll Blood: Neo, Rai, Fyr, Aes Runes
Regrowth: Vad, Rai, Fyr, Aes Runes
These heal over time and are the Main heals I use, just pop one once you drop below 75%

Thornskin: Neo, Zor, Rai, Flu Runes
PoisonSkin: Vad, Zor, Rai, Flu Runes
Long Duration makes this one pretty good, Your goign to end u in melee no matter what, so this is a few extra damage every round.

Skin like Stone: Vad, Mor, Rai, Krom Runes
Skin Like Wood: Neo, Mor, Rai, Krom Runes
I run this as buff all the time as well, more ace is great to have.

Stamina 1: Neo, Rai Runes
Stamina 2: ???? I am pretty sure this exists but I haven't figured out the recipe its not just Vad, and Rai like you would think
If you melee this is an could help you in a pinch when stamina runs low

Disarm 1: Vad, Zor runes.
Useless, if you have like 1 point in disarm traps you can just spam to get rid of them

Shatter: Neo, Zor, Krom Runes
If you don't want to spam click stones and what not.

Magic Torch: Neo, Fyr Runes
Magic Lantern: Vad, Fyr Runes
allways on the bar, no point in buying them

Show Map: Vad, ?????? Rune
I assume it fills in the map, but i haven't found the rune for this yet.
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Re: Magic Guide Game ver 1.94 [SPOILERS]

Post by moonxine » Fri Sep 20, 2019 7:20 am

Nice list, I'll see if I can add a few items to it once I get home!

One thought about magic though. The Tier 1 magic (using Neo rune), is it as useless as I think, once I have the Vad rune and can cast Tier 2?
I haven't seen any reason to bother with the lower levels of magic now when I have most of the runes.
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Re: Magic Guide Game ver 1.94 [SPOILERS]

Post by Dafydd » Fri Sep 20, 2019 9:42 am

Show Map and Shatter both use the Neo rune, and have no equivalents that use Vod. Shatter is very handy but Show Map is a real game changer. I have both on my hotkey bar.
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Re: Magic Guide Game ver 1.94 [SPOILERS]

Post by Sneeuwpop » Thu Sep 26, 2019 6:49 pm

I did found the blue orb rune (int rune), by 'accidentally' killing something I thought I should'nt have... But I do have problems finding the rai rune, can anyone help?
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Re: Magic Guide Game ver 1.94 [SPOILERS]

Post by Dafydd » Thu Sep 26, 2019 11:59 pm

Check the post ‘where does the white rune drop’.
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Re: Magic Guide Game ver 1.94 [SPOILERS]

Post by Sneeuwpop » Fri Sep 27, 2019 6:34 pm

Thanks, found it. :D
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