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Spell: Teleportation!

Posted: Tue Dec 24, 2019 9:48 am
by JokerB5831
Maybe when adding New Chapters or even anytime, Teleport Spell for already visited place as long as entered a location at least once. Useful when juggling Skill Points to make it to a intented area where your set to go up against Magic Wielding Wizards & Sorceress's but pushing through places where Armored Individuals are cutting you down before even get near location or vice versa. Ready for New Chapters, finished game for now. Got all locations completed, Got 27 spells - 3 Power box's, 8 Runes, 3 Runeboards combined. Not sure on all Crafting but got what Recipes were story driven and thanks to Forums gained couple like Dragonmail. Found Wool source in Tower after Shepherd Hell getting 5. Also a moment of silence for the Undead Garder, may he venture on aimlessly without care unless provoked. May the speed induced wizard rot, F' in bastard! Great game figure ill do like Garder and wonder aimlessly too till more adventure comes forth. As promised Mario, a 5th Star will be waiting at review. Happy Holidays To All & keep em coming on Android since i dont own PC or tablet, just smartphone loaded with Offline Greatness. Thanks. B