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Dark Castle & Tower

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2020 3:32 am
by JokerB5831
Been wondering about Two Locked Doors in Castle behind Two Wish Fountains. Are they able to be opened or to be apart of any new Chapters, if any farther adventuring taking place. Is the Tower with its renovation also going to be reopened within new Chapters. Been waiting to see if able to keep game going with more adventures, bored with all that's been story driven since completed game and same when explored collecting anything may have missed or that hasn't been dropped by monsters yet to collect items. Still game has its addicted draw to it and Don't want to build a toleance to withstand against it, but got to continue to find out far this game can really go. Felt lot can still be there. Continue to face off new forces attacking kingdom or revenge from those already faced against? Evil Dad mentioned other children in beginning? What if Dad disappeared or retires? If disappears who or what could have done it? If Retires - Civil War? Just opinions, usually when bored tend to do. Still game did prove its Worth. Later.
03/18 Hoping New Adventures are in works or Expansion of the story after Mom returned to Evil Dad. Know Wizard's Tower was in renovation and still wondering about Two Sealed Doors in Dark Castle entrance behind the Fountains that speak! Are they capable of being opened??? Still Loved the Game, has been awhile since last played. Patiently waiting for new anything to jump back in again to find out how much farther it can go on for.