Lootbox RPG is coming to STEAM

On February 28th 2022, Lootbox RPG will be released for both Windows and MacOS on Steam. The desktop game is pretty much the same as the mobile version, with some hotkeys added for quicker navigation and adjustments to… Read More

This game is fine for quarantine

Need to stay at home? Rejoice! Lootbox will be on discount for the next days – forget boring tv shows and lame movies, grab your sword and go on adventuring!

Lootbox RPG featured on gameskeys

Thanks to writer Kevin White, Lootbox RPG is featured in the list of Top Undiscovered Games for $6 or less! Phantastic 🙂 You can read the article and find out what other great hidden gems are there by… Read More

Happy birthday Lootbox!

And here’s the present: get the game for free now! 🙂

Want to support Lootbox RPG?

Here’s your chance! Please head over to Wikipedia and create a new article for Lootbox RPG. I don’t want to do it because that would be self-advertising which is not allowed. A link to my other game Silversword… Read More

Discord? Discord!

Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/apezmJ5

Update Notes 1.95.231

removed old cheese removed regular Ratebox Popup fixed some errors in the main Quest Hotslots now update after assigning something to it added restrictions when finding runeboards so that you shouldn’t get duplicate runeboards show message if a… Read More

Your black friday is too late!

Yes, I know. Lootbox RPG will be FREE from Tuesday to Friday. Enjoy!

Being a hobbyist Game Developer

While browsing some Youtube Videos about game development with Unity3D, I noticed several recommendations titled “how to make a game in 48 hours” or “how to get your first game to market” or “how to become an indie… Read More

Update Notes 1.95.216/217

Added hint for creating Rotten Meat to ration description Fix for rate box not working Fix for player not being able to hit/be hit (mostly due to old save games) Fix for consumables not being usable after exchanging… Read More

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