Being a hobbyist Game Developer

While browsing some Youtube Videos about game development with Unity3D, I noticed several recommendations titled “how to make a game in 48 hours” or “how to get your first game to market” or “how to become an indie… Read More

Update Notes 1.95.216/217

Added hint for creating Rotten Meat to ration description Fix for rate box not working Fix for player not being able to hit/be hit (mostly due to old save games) Fix for consumables not being usable after exchanging… Read More


Dad will now give a hint where to look for a present The novice runeboard will now be added to the inventory upon loading a game, when you already defeated the gravelord but got no runeboard The path… Read More


Rejoice! More fixes are here 🙂 The Novice Runeboard will now be dropped by the Gravelord. If you have already defeated him and got no Runeboard, your dad will give it to you as long as you don’t… Read More

Lootbox Update

After some months of development, the eagerly awaited big update is finally coming live! PLEASE BE AWARE THAT LOADING OLD SAVE GAMES WILL NOT WORK! This might be frustrating for some of you, but it was necessary due… Read More

Road to release…

For those of you who wonder why I don’t release the many improvements you’ve wished for immediately, here is the explanation. With the next update I want to provide more content. More content means more dungeons and more… Read More

Hello to pocketgamer!

Look what I’ve found: Thank you very much!

New forum online

The old wpForo forum was put down due to massive spam attacks and no reasonable way of controlling it. Now a new phpBB forum has been set up for your talking pleasure. Enjoy!

Free Dungeon Crawling!

Lootbox RPG will be free to download from September 1st until September 8th. Enjoy free dungeon crawling for the next days. Hint: the duck pet can be found in the Goblin Tunnels.

Bugfixes incoming

With the next update, the bug when trading a stackable item with your pet will be fixed. Sorry for that. In addition, some enhancements for moving whole items stacks are in planning. Hopefully I will get it to… Read More

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