Changes! Updates! Additions!

The last weeks were full of excitement, because my new friends ChatGPT and Github Copilot have helped me develop several different new ideas and additions to the game. While working on Part 2 of the game (which will be available via a regular update, no additional cost) I have done this:

  • Enhanced Zombie-Mode
    • Your character is much more intelligent now. He will use spells and items that are in your hotslots and will try to loot everything that’s in the actual level.
    • The Zombie-Mode is even available as a new spell (Power Rune III of course).
    • Your character will equip the best armour and weapon available – this depends on an internal ranking that takes the stat modifiers into account.
  • More informative texts at the beginning to get you started as smooth as possible
  • New Summon Minion Spells (you can now summon a reaper or a pack tortoise)
  • New Spell to automatically guide you to the next trap
  • Combine Poison and a weapon to give it a damage over time effect
  • Combine Vampire Essence and a weapon to give it a lifeleech effect
  • Sort your inventory by holding the inventory icon in your character screen
  • Many bugfixes and small enhancements

As always: enjoy the game! Use our forums or our discord channel to give me your feedback.

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