Export/Import save game

Sometimes it might be necessary for me to examine your saved game. To access your data, some things have to be done.

If you play on an Apple device (iOS)

Start the game. If you can only enter the main menu and are unable to load an old game, simply start a new game.

Go to the options screen.

Touch the title at the top (“Lootbox RPG”). At the bottom of the options screen some buttons will appear. Choose “Export all Save Games”.

A message will appear that will inform you about the successful export.

Connect your device to your computer and start iTunes.

Choose your device in iTunes and go to “file/document sharing”.

Find and select the “Lootbox RPG” entry.

You should see some files which will be labelled “savegame_x.txt”. These files contain all of your saved games so far.

Download all those savegame files and attach them to an email. Then mail it to me at lootbox@gaida.de.

Importing a saved game

If you receive a modified save game from me, you can import it again. Here’s how.

Attach your device to your computer and open iTunes.

Select your device and choose “file/document sharing”.

Select “Lootbox RPG” from the list of the installed applications.

You will see some files on the right hand side. At the bottom, you can upload a new file to your device. Do so and select the file that I have sent you. It should be named “savegame.txt”.

Start the game.

Go to the options screen. If you are stuck at the main menu, simply start a new game and then go to the options screen.

Touch the title “Lootbox RPG”. Some buttons will appear at the bottom, one of them titled “Import savegame”.

Upon touching the “Import savegame” button, the game will look for the “savegame.txt” file and load it. If everything goes well, you should be taken to the game. If so, save this game in a new save game slot before continuing.

If not, ask for more help.

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