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First steps in the game

Tap on a tile to move towards that tile. If something is in the way, you will automatically try to find a path to your destination. But this may fail.

Access the game settings as well as Load/Save functionality via the cogwheel symbol in the upper right.

Touch the symbol in the upper left to access your character screen.

Open doors by touching them.

Attack enemies by touching them. As soon as you have equipped a ranged weapon (sling, bow, etc.) you can attack from the distance.

Examine your stats and skills. You will soon learn what they mean and what they do. It is not unusual to first raise Strength and Melee.


Talk to your father.

Find the statue south of your father and destroy it by touching it repeatedly. Pick up the club and equip it (simply picking it up won’t help, you HAVE TO equip it in your hand).

Enter the torture chambers opposite to the statue.

The torture chambers have 20 levels. Each 5 levels there is a staircase leading up back to the throne room. Try to reach level 5 first and then make your way up again. Sell any found items as long as they are not useful.

Repeat this until you can make your way down to level 10.

The Grave Lord will wait on level 20. Be prepared. In case of doubt always have an Evacuation scroll ready. It will get you out of perilous situations.

You can level up to level 10. After that, you have to buy a Tome of Limits. Each tome raises the level limit by 1. At Tier 1, you can raise your level limit to 20. At Tier 2, you can raise it to 30 (the Tome will then cost more). With Tier 3, you can raise your level limit to a maximum level of 40.

Whenever you make a new level, you can distribute two skillpoints.

Raising strength will raise your damage, but also your Melee skill by (Strength / 2). Dexterity adds to Defense and Ranged skill (by half each).

Happy grinding!

Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup

As I have mentioned here, I don’t like rogue-like games. So it is not surprising, that I didn’t know that a game existed that uses the same tileset (although it is mentioned here). Anyway – now that I know of DCSS, I have tested it and it just isn’t the kind of game that I like to play.

You will see what I mean when giving Lootbox RPG a chance. It is NOT DCSS. It doesn’t want to imitate it, in no aspect. It just uses the same graphics. Period. And if you think that this defines Lootbox RPG by 90%, I can tell you that it is merely 10%. Graphics are a way of expressing things, they don’t stand for themselves. In fact I would switch to another tileset if I could only find a nice one (paid or for free). So thanks for pointing me to DCSS 😉

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