Lootbox Update

After some months of development, the eagerly awaited big update is finally coming live!


This might be frustrating for some of you, but it was necessary due to the many changes that needed to be made. I am very sorry for this.

With the next version of Lootbox RPG, the self-called “satisfying” Dungeon Crawler, quite a bunch of new features will be introduced:

  • a stationary treasure chest the player can access from different places
  • a trade-skilling system with which the player can craft items from various resources
  • the missing part of the main quest (why is dad so grumpy?)
  • the ability to send your (magically enhanced) pet to the next merchant to sell your goods
  • Zombie Mode – for automatic dungeon grinding
  • the new power rune III – which will introduce some new spells that last indefinitely
  • a spell for opening chests 😉
  • several recipes for new cool equipment
  • a spell to call a merchant by your side in times of need
  • a mining skill that enables you to harvest resources
  • better handling of save games – protection for overwriting save games with further progression than your actual game
  • more UI sounds
  • many bug fixes and enhancements to the game mechanics

Because of the many changes in almost every aspect of the game, it is strongly recommended that you start a new game with a fresh character. Old save games might become corrupt and you probably won’t be able to continue in your quest(s). I am sorry for this, but I am sure that you will have fun exploring the new game mechanics from the ground up.

As always – if you encounter any problems with the game, drop me a note at lootbox@gaida.de or take a look at the official forums located here: https://lootbox-rpg.com/boards/.

Kind regards,

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