Magic? Here’s how it works

When you approach level 20, you will probably get the first magic runes. Some creatures in the fairy forest have some, some creatures in the other dungeons as well. They are rare, so keep searching.

In the Grave Lord’s chamber there is a runeboard to be found. Get the runeboard. Then look for a Power I rune and a Fire Rune. As soon as you have found these runes, use your runeboard and assign the runes to the free slots. Afterwards, tap on the Power rune and on the Fire rune and then cast the spell. If that is not working, make sure that you have the skill Petty Magic already – and assigned at least 1 skill point to it.

Petty Magic is necessary for Power I spells, Higher Magic is needed for Power II spells.

A good way to learn more about spells and their runes is to find the fairy maiden in the fairy forest. She has a book that is quite useful.

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