The Book of Dungeon Crawling

Enjoy 🙂

Where is the exit?

With the new release 1.7 a new spell went live. It’s up to you to find out the right combination of runes for it, but as a hint: the earth might show you the path to the exit if you ask nicely…

In the works

Tradeskilling is on top of the list for the next version(s). Not only will you be able to harvest resources during playing AND when NOT playing (especially useful for people who like to let others do the dirty work), you will also be able to deconstruct and construct items.

New dungeons, new loot, new creatures… of course. And some other improvements. So stay tuned. It is a bit of work right now but eventually I will get it done and published.

/bʌɡ/ – 1.6 is coming

To improve support version 1.6 will contain the possibility of importing and exporting save games. Whenever you have a problem with the game and are asked to send me your saved games, you can do so by following the instructions found here:

Forum online

I am not sure if this works out, but you will find a support forum on this page from now on. So please share your thoughts (and bugs) with the community (and me of course).

You can still contact me via the support e-mail address of course.

Update 1.5 incoming…

New with 1.5

  • save games can now be deleted
  • added more hints on magic
  • strength bonus on weapons is now capped
  • runeboards can be resetted on static levels
  • the royal gardens can now be entered with any weapon in the inventory
  • end player’s turn when using an item out of the inventory or from a hotslot
  • only show special effects if they really take hold (stun, poison etc.)
  • check for lightsource in combat only if it’s really dark
  • correct language flag display
  • many more fixes
  • more content is in the works!

Redistribution of Skillpoints

Here is how you can reskill your character: Take the south exit of the Throne Room to the royal gardens. The Master of Spirits can be found in the east part of the courtyard. Approach him and touch him to interact.

He will reset your skillpoints and they are free to distribute again. Have fun playing with this possibility because it can be done again and again without paying anything.

Magic? Here’s how it works

When you approach level 20, you will probably get the first magic runes. Some creatures in the fairy forest have some, some creatures in the other dungeons as well. They are rare, so keep searching.

In the Grave Lord’s chamber there is a runeboard to be found. Get the runeboard. Then look for a Power I rune and a Fire Rune. As soon as you have found these runes, use your runeboard and assign the runes to the free slots. Afterwards, tap on the Power rune and on the Fire rune and then cast the spell. If that is not working, make sure that you have the skill Petty Magic already – and assigned at least 1 skill point to it.

Petty Magic is necessary for Power I spells, Higher Magic is needed for Power II spells.

A good way to learn more about spells and their runes is to find the fairy maiden in the fairy forest. She has a book that is quite useful.


I am releasing 1.4 right now. On the Google PlayStore it will be available within the next hours. Apple… well, who knows 😉

New with 1.4

  • unique item doesn’t drop anymore if player already has it
  • new NPC in the throne room who will reset your skillpoints
  • UI adjustments for landscape mode
  • increased loot chance for certain items (esp. runes)
  • added scorpions to the lair of the rat king
  • fixed a bug with level generation (player can’t find exit)
  • using the novice runeboard now adds a spell to the player
  • new mob fairy mistress in the fairy forest that drops the book of the arcane
  • new item book of the arcane who teaches you petty magic spells when being used
  • smoother camera movement
  • some more bugfixes

v1.3 incoming

New with 1.3

  • Crypt of Castle Cranbourgh now ends on level 10
  • Some more help texts before entering the maze
  • fixed a problem with the load game option showing too few slots
  • creatures don’t automatically land critical hits when player defense is still at 0
  • added padding option to leave some space at the top of the screen for some special smartphones

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