I am releasing 1.4 right now. On the Google PlayStore it will be available within the next hours. Apple… well, who knows 😉

New with 1.4

  • unique item doesn’t drop anymore if player already has it
  • new NPC in the throne room who will reset your skillpoints
  • UI adjustments for landscape mode
  • increased loot chance for certain items (esp. runes)
  • added scorpions to the lair of the rat king
  • fixed a bug with level generation (player can’t find exit)
  • using the novice runeboard now adds a spell to the player
  • new mob fairy mistress in the fairy forest that drops the book of the arcane
  • new item book of the arcane who teaches you petty magic spells when being used
  • smoother camera movement
  • some more bugfixes

v1.3 incoming

New with 1.3

  • Crypt of Castle Cranbourgh now ends on level 10
  • Some more help texts before entering the maze
  • fixed a problem with the load game option showing too few slots
  • creatures don’t automatically land critical hits when player defense is still at 0
  • added padding option to leave some space at the top of the screen for some special smartphones

v1.2 and the stores

Please don’t worry if your preferred store can’t provide you with the most current version. I’m doing my best to keep all in sync. At the moment, Lootbox RPG is available on Apple’s AppStore, googles PlayStore and on Amazon.

With v1.2 some minor fixes came. The most important one is the fix for the 50 turns healing potion. It should work now and give you 5 health points every turn.

In addition, I’ve uploaded a gameplay video to the Apple AppStore.

If you have a mobile gaming site and need some news, I will gladly provide you with more information on Lootbox – and a promotional code as well 😉

Stop being confused! v1.1 released

The first update with some convenience just hit the store.

– Rune Slots are now shown correctly
– Changed language flags
– Corrected some translations
– Extended Stat and Skill description
– Show enemies even if no light source is active

Lootbox RPG available on the AppStore!

Lootbox is a nice little dungeon crawler that will take you directly to hell. Being one of His Great Unholinesses sons, you are about to set on a quest that will lead you to various places until you finally have the chance to help your father defend the realm against its enemies. If you want it or not. So, do as you are commanded, naughty brat.

The satisfying dungeon crawler is here!

“Oh no, an incoming call!”

no real time decisions, you can safely interrupt the game at any point.

“So late already?”

no need to exit the game, a real world clock can be switched on optionally.

“What? I AM DEAD?”

No permadeath, this is no rogue-clone. You can load/save at any time, or return to safety without losing all your money or equipped items.

“Damn! I died and I forgot to save!”

The game is autosaved every level, don’t panic.

“If I only could teach those damn rats what I’ve learned…”

You can come back to your old friends and show them your uber gear.

“Nice game, but my smartphone is over 5 years old…”

The game runs well on older devices, happy playing!

“Where can I buy money?”

Nowhere. This game is OFFLINE and there is NO Pay-To-Win mechanism. Sorry.

“Where is the chatroom?”

There are enough messengers already in the world, right?

“Where do I have to register?”

Register what? This game is OFFLINE. I don’t need your data, thanks anyway.

“Where is the premium version?”

There isn’t. Buy once, play endless.

Hello world!

I have some dungeons for you to crawl! In a very satisfying way, of course… no permadeath, no realtime decisions, no In-App Purchases, no enforcement of socialising with others, no registration, no online-connection necessary,… what else do you need to begin an exciting time of grinding and looting?

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