Road to release…

For those of you who wonder why I don’t release the many improvements you’ve wished for immediately, here is the explanation.

With the next update I want to provide more content. More content means more dungeons and more locations you can visit. More dungeons mean more creatures, more items… and probably more spells, traps, magic effects and the like. This takes time. To prepare for the new content and for the ideas I want to implement, I have to test the game mechanisms over and over (hey, want to test the game before others do?) and fix several bugs that are reported via mail or on the forums.

For sure, the following things will change with the next update (no liability for completeness):

  • Attack/Defense penalty when being in a lit area without a light effect active will be fixed
  • You will get a fixed treasure chest in your room (the starting room) where you can drop items securely and access them later (even in dungeons via a special spell)
  • Items can be combined to create something new
  • Recipes can be found or learned by trying things out
  • Zombie Mode (automatic dungeon crawling)
  • Open Chest spell
  • Endless magic light that detects nearby traps automatically
  • Merchant spell to call a merchant by your side in dungeons
  • Pet enchanting spell that will teach your pet how to sell the items it carries and return with the gold
  • Better error handling during creation of dungeon levels
  • Items will now be traded/dropped/picked up as a whole stack
  • You can split an item stack in your inventory
  • New skill “Mining” that enables you to mine for ore (used for creating things) in real-time (you have to wait real-time to receive ore) – and NO! this can’t be sped up by spending money / IAP / virtual gold whatever
  • More UI sounds
  • Better display of ranged attacks
  • Portrait mode only (Landscape mode will be disabled, I think that’s ok)
  • Better Load/Save handling (fix for save slots being messed up, prevention of accidentally overwriting savegames where you have made further progress than in the actual game)
  • Magic spells / Firebolt spells will be mitigated by Willpower, not by AC
  • Saving will be disabled in certain dungeons
  • Much more… 🙂

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