Script Commands

There is no modding support in Lootbox RPG, but perhaps you are curious how this game functions. Most of the quests are scripted with the use of the following commands:

noopdo nothing, used internally
add_effect;EffectType;duration;magnitude;lvlMult;tileindex;positiveadds an effect to the player
add_effect;EffectType;duration;magnitude;lvlMult;tileindex;positive;statnameadds an effect to the player – statname is for EffectType Buff
add_effect;EffectType;duration;magnitude;lvlMult;tileindex;positive;statname;codeadds an effect to the player – statname is for EffectType Buff; code = name
add_item_to_container;id;codeadds an item with code to container with id
add_item;codeadds an item to the player’s inventory or to the ground
add_object;x;y;type;name;tileindex;tagadds an object to the map
add_unknown_rune_locationadds a creature with a rune drop to the bestiary
add_skill;skillnameadds this skill to the player’s skills
add_spell;spellnameadds this spell to the player’s known spells
add_recipe;itemcodeadds the recipe of the item to the player’s known recipes
adjust_hp;amountchanges hp of the player
adjust_stamina;amountchanges stamina of the player
adjust_mana;amountchanges mana of the player
adjust_gold;amountchanges gold of the player; if amount ends with # it is multiplied by the players level
adjust_xp;amountchanges xp of the player, possibly leveling him up
change_alignment;code;alignmentchanges the alignment of all enemies with that code
choice;text;keyshows a button with text; script executes when clicked at key
choice;text;key;wshows a button with text and width w; script executes when clicked at key
choice;text;key;x;yadjusts the x/y position of the choice button
clearclears the text on the scriptCanvas and removes all choice buttons
combine;code1;amount;code2combines amount * code1 items to 1 code2 item if enough items are in the inventory
cost;amountthis script adds amount cost to moving through it’s tile
descend;levelsdescends n levels in a dungeon, until maxlevel or next static level is reached
dlg;titlestart_interaction, show_dialogue_screen, set title and clear
evacteleports the player to the surface (if in a maze)
find_exitdoes find exit and shows the path on the map
fronttext;textshows a floating text for 5 seconds in the very front of the UI
fullhealheal health, stamina, mana to max
hide_dialogue_screenhides the script canvas
halthalts the script after the current step
if_chapter2;keyjumps to key if the player is in chapter 2
if_can_rise_levellimit;keyif the player can rise his level limit, jump to key
if_var;key;value;targetKeyjumps to target key if gamevar at key contains value / number comparisons are possible in the form <n and >n
if_questvar;questcode;key;value;targetKeyjumps to target key if gamevar at key contains value
if_has_effect;effectname;targetKeyjumps to target key if effect on player is > 0
if_has_quest;questname;keyjumps to target key if player has quest
if_has_item;itemcode;keyjumps to target key if player has item in inventory
if_has_item;itemcode;key;countjumps to target key if player has count items in inventory
if_has_gold;amount;keyjumps to target key if player has amount gold (if amount is “100#”, it will be multiplied with the players level)
if_has_skill;skillname;value;keyjumps to target key if player has at least value points/bonus in a skill
if_has_spell;spellname;keyjumps to target key if player knows the spell
if_door_state;x;y;state;keyjumps to key if door stete is = state
if_item_on_floor;x;y;code;keyjumps to key if item is on floor at x/y
if_is_on_tag;tagname;keyjumps to key if player is on tag
if_is_tier;n;keyjumps to key if player is tier n
if_is_level;n;keyjumps to key if player level is n / or “<n” or “>n”
if_is_levellimit;n;keyjumps to key if player levellimit is n / or “<n” or “>n”
increase_level_limit;nincreases the level limit by n
input;gamevar;keywaits for input and saves it in gamevar, jumps to key afterwards
image_left;imagenamesets the left image in the script panel
image_right;imagenamesets the right image in the script panel
jump;targetKeyjumps to target key
load_map;levelname;x;yloads the first level and puts the player at x/y
load_map;levelname;x;y;levelloads the given level and puts the player at x/y
load_map;levelname;x;y;level;difficultyloads the given level and puts the player at x/y and sets the difficulty
open_chest;keycodeopens a chest with key = keycode on the player’s position
open_container;id;spaceopens a new or existing container for interaction with space=slots
output;textappends the text to the scriptCanvas
play;clipnameplays a clip name (from the Resource folder)
quest;code;name;description;duration;scriptNamestarts a quest with the following data. fires levelScript afterwards
recall_minionsrecalls all minions to the player position
remove_items;code;countremoves count items from player’s inventory
remove_script;scriptnameremoves all scripts with the given name from the actual map
remove_enemy;enemynameremoves all enemies with that name
reset_skillpointsresets the player’s skillpoints
rise_tier;newtierrises the player Tier to the new value (can’t lower the tier!)
set_achievement;achievementcodesets the STEAM achievement with the given code
set_tag;x;y;tagnamesets a tag at x/y
set_tile;x;y;layer;tilesetIndexchanges a tile in a layer
set_door_state;x;y;statechanges the state of a door at x/y
set_level_completemarks the actual level as completed
set_level_complete;levelmarks the given level as completed
set_questvar;questcode;key;valuesets the key gamevar to value
set_var;key;valuesets the key gamevar to value
show_animation;startTile;endTileshows an animation on the script’s position, from startTile to endTile
show_dialogue_screenshows the script canvas and clears content
show_mapshows the map panel
show_rateboxshows the App Rating Prompt
show_runeboard;code;width;heightshows the runeboard with the given code; initially sets width+height
show_shop;lootlistshows the shop panel, shop sells all items in lootlist (e.g. 1:4:5)
spawn_enemy;code;x;y;alignmentspawns an enemy
spawn_item;code;x;yspawns an item
spawn_minion;code;x;yspawns an ally/minion
summon_minion;code;item;x;ysummons an ally/minion by consuming item
start_interactionsets the GameStatus to player_interacting (preventing movement etc.)
stop_interactionsets the GameStatus to player_moving
stopsets the actualKey to -1 thus stopping script
teleport;x;ychanges the player position
text;textshows a floating text for 5 seconds
title;textsets the title of the scriptCanvas
use_grimoireopens the grimoire panel / learns a new spell

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