UI changes and loot changes!

The new update (1.96.20x) brings you many new features and changes.

  • added some more informational texts for new players that will help learn the game (e.g. “use the torch in your first hotslot to make light”).
  • Buff Info now has an “OK” button so that you won’t cancel it by accident.
  • Added day and night cycle to the overworld.
  • Added Defense Potion.
  • Adjusted the Grimoire: you will now learn the spell even if you can’t cast it yet.
  • New: The bestiary keeps track of your kills. Access it from your character screen, Icon in the upper right. Bonus: the more creatures of a certain type you kill, the better your chance of landing a critical hit in the future.
  • Changed the loot mechanism. You can now buy silver keys. Silver chests may contain a gold key (also dropped by creatures). On every 5 levels of a dungeon there is a golden chest which requires a gold key. Gold chest loot is better than silver chest loot. You may find a platinum key in a gold chest. Platinum keys open Platinum Chests that can be found on every 5 levels of a HARD MODE dungeon. Platinum Chests contain unique magic items.
  • Combining items now takes time.
  • Added Elite enemies (to HARD MODE dungeons).
  • Added background pictures to the level loading screen.
  • Changed the UI (colors and fonts) so that it won’t hurt your eyes any longer 😉
  • Added AE damage to “Shatter”.
  • A Scythe is now required to summon a reaper pet.
  • You can now load/save during Work (Mining).
  • New Mining progression screen.
  • Saving is now enabled in the royal mines.
  • Saving is now disabled in hard mode dungeons.
  • You can now cast spells from out of your character screen.
  • Skill reset now costs gold.
  • Many other fixes to known errors.

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